Desperate Times, Call for Desperate Measures!

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Summer 2012, the Wisconsin republicans had the world by the balls. They had control over the State Assembly, the State Senate, the Governor and the Supreme Court. They were virtually untouchable(except for a recall). Then something happened, they tried to Govern. We all know the mess of ACT 10 and the turmoil and lawsuits that […]

Council Recap I

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Was at Occupy meeting last night, but here’s what I got off Tivo this morning.

An Apology and Some Assistance!

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Police Chief Noble Wary apologizes to the homeless people who had their things thrown out by the city, says they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. County Executive Moe Parisi and Mayor Paul Soglin allow Occupy to stay and are sending staff to help them find housing.

Occupy Update

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Today is day four of being back at the 800 E Washington site and the police or other city departments have not been back to ask people to leave or inspect the camp.

A Better Occupy

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All summer long we searched for better options, but we found none. So, we’re back at 800 E. Washington, but hopefully have learned from past experiences and remain open to better locations – but there is no doubt, there is a need for somewhere to provide limited shelter, minimal heat and a sense of community.

Financing Voodoo for the Edgewater – $66 Million!

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No big deal, don’t pay attention. Won’t effect us.

City Week Ahead

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Wow, November is on the way! Lots of missing links this week.

Occupy Returns!

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Existence, not Resistance.

Tenant Resource Center Fundraiser Tonight

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I’ve been a housing counselor for the Tenant Resource Center since 1991 when I was a volunteer housing counselor, I was the volunteer coordinator for about a year and a half, served on the board of directors and in 1995 (17 years ago!) I became the Executive Director. Things sure have changed over the years . . .

We need An Apology, Compensation and Report Back!

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Homeless Issues Committee Unanimously agreed to ask the police and city officials to apologize to the homeless persons who last all their worldly possession on State St. when the police and parks department broke the law and threw their stuff in a dump truck.

Do you really believe this?

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I’ve been sitting on this since last Friday. Partially because it is so unbelievable, but also because I was just swamped with things to blog – there is so much more going on that I also have blog materials for – but this one is just amazing. Just when you need one of those damn police video cameras . . . it wasn’t working?