Chief Erwin Has To Go!

Posted September 11th, 2012 @ 8:37 AM by

New Capitol Police Chief Dave Erwin has really put his stamp on the new job since taking over from Charles Tubbs. Unfortunately for the people of Wisconsin and the Constitution it is serious far right turn. Oppression of free speech, no matter what side or what topic is never ok and Chief Erwin needs to resign or be fired!

When Representative Chris Taylor heard that her constituents were being arrested for holding a piece of paper in the Capitol, she went seeking answers.

See Chris Taylor looking for answers here!

Unfortunately no one was willing to give Representative Taylor answers. Representative Taylor then set up a meeting with Capitol Police Chief Erwin and, while he attended, he did not attend for long:

Representative Chris Taylor describes her meeting with Chief Erwin here!

Just to be clear, Chief Erwin had no interest in answering ELECTED Representative Chris Taylor’s questions regarding his conduct at the Capitol(which is the ultimate public building). It took a judge’s order to get the Capitol Police from issuing tickets suppressing free speech.

Since Chief Erwin has ignored elected representative’s request for interviews or even discussions, what has he been doing? Why granting full interviews to secretive right wing fake news organizations of course!

Life in Fitzwalkerstan.

When you will give full access to extremist right wing partisan organizations and refuse to answer questions from an elected representative, then Chief Erwin is now an extension of the republican party and no longer a police officer. It is time for him to go(and Mike Huebsch also)!

It is also time for more elected representatives and leaders(of both parties) to speak out on this than Chris Taylor!

can you imagine the outrage if during the Doyle Administration, they forced the “tea party” to get permits to hold signs and arrested the people running the rally’s for doing so? The difference being, the outrage would have come from both side for that!

There was not a single progressive in Wisconsin who wanted these guys arrested:

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