Some Endorsements for the Primary!

Posted August 13th, 2012 @ 9:46 AM by

* Yuri Rashkin in the 44th District.

* Joe Wineke in the 80th!

In Wisconsin, we have to have people willing to step up and fight for progressive values. We found out in the last two years who actually will lead the fight against the craziness that has been the Wisconsin republican party. I would like to share one story that Joe Wineke’s opponent has where she stood at the forefront to fight the ALEC agenda, but I have none. Let’s elect fighters who are not scared of a fight and send Joe Wineke back to the Assembly!

* Dianne Hesselbein in the 79th!

Two quick points on why I strongly endorse Dianne Hesselbein. In the last year, Dianne hesselbein added a public referendum declaring Dane Counties support for collective bargaining. In the last year, her compeitition Ellen Lindgren, has continued to waste taxpayer money to get rid of a teacher whose job was saved via arbitration.

While one candidate has put workers rights on the forefront, the other spends her free time trying to end worker’s rights*! The choice is clear.

* I am not endorsing what the teacher in question did, nor that he should or should not be fired. However workers need to have rights, and they tried to fire him once and did it wrong so its time to move on. If said teacher is not a good teacher, document all problems, follow the legal procedure to terminate and then terminate when you do it correctly and the time is right!

* Laura Hauser-Menting in the 71st!

* Mandela Barnes in the 11th!

* Tonya Lohr in the 20th Senate District!

* Kelly Albrecht in the 63rd!

* Randy Bryce in the 62nd!!

* Scott McDonnell for Dane County Clerk!

The back and forth silliness of who did what who endorsed who, who gave money to who when has been really boring to me. So much so I tune the story out whenever it comes up. I want money out of politics as much as anyone but until its gets out for both parties, I am not going to criticize any democrat over taking money from anyone. What I will be watching is what that money buys! I also do not care who someone had their picture taken with, although the implied inference was amazing coming from someone who the week before had tried to take the high road! That all being said, the good work that has come out of the Dane County Board under McDonnell’s leadership is all of the resume/qualifications I need to see. Scott McDonnell has my vote!

Finally the 2nd Congressional district. I am leaning and will probably vote for Mark Pocan. However I think Kelda Roys is a great person, very good politician and would represent the 2nd congressional district very well. I do not hold the silly ads against her, as she made a really bad choice(in the negative campaign), and obviously listened to some bad consultants. However, if we held listening to bad consultants against democratic candidates, I would never be able to vote again!

Finally, in this election and the ones to follow, BE VERY CAREFUL OF ANY Democratic candidate who is working with American Federation for Children, led by convicted felon Scott “scooter” Jensen!

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