Worst Reporting Ever?

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Or . . . Or what? I’m not sure. What else could it be, deliberate misinformation? An attempt to mislead people. I really don’t know, but check this out, it implies that somehow it will take $800,000 to clean up the Occupy site due to hazardous waste and needles.

Madison receives federal funding to cleanup former Occupy site
Posted: May 29, 2012 5:29 PM CDT

MADISON (WKOW) — The City of Madison will receive federal funding for cleanup of the former Occupy Madison site.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded the city $800,000 for assessment, cleanup and redevelopment of the 800 block of East Washington Avenue.

Residents of Occupy Madison moved out May 1.

Mayor Paul Soglin said at the time the property would be treated as a hazardous waste site because of needles and human waste.

The grants awarded to Madison are part of $4.2 million in grants given to Wisconsin communities by the EPA.

Uh, you gotta be kidding me. Why no mention of what is really the cause of the need for clean up on the site, contamination from the industries/businesses that have been there for the last 100 – 150 years? Why no mention that the soils are contaminated and were long before the Occupy people go there? Why no mention that this is the reason for need for clean up? And why isn’t this being called the Don Miller site? And why did the city not get a generous discount when they bought the site knowing that this clean up would be necessary?

Instead, they go back to the – and I don’t know what else to call this – the lies. Needles and human waste? Why did no one but Paul Soglin seem to think this was a problem? And why do the media keep repeating it as if it were true? I went down there in open toed shoes on numerous occasions and never had any issues with this so called hazardous waste site. I saw no needles when helping take down tents that had been abandoned. I did not see any human waste on the site, instead, there were porta-potties on site . . . that people no longer have access to.

And, I just have to say, if it were such a hazardous waste site, why didn’t public health get involved. Provide clean needles for people or provide proper disposal receptacles. Why? Because it simply wasn’t true. And here we have, yet again, another story implying that it is. And even worse, that it might cost $800,000 to clean up a site that was left cleaner by the Occupy people than when they got there. They even swept the parking lot for goodness sake.

You can’t make this stuff up . . . its just crazy.

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