Scott Walker for President in 2016?

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So, I know the 2012 election isn’t even over yet, but let’s say that President Obama wins re-election and it’s an open election in 2016. Don’t look now, but it looks like Governor Walker is using the recall campaign as an opportunity to build up a national base. If you’ll look at this article in the Wisconsin State Journal Walker’s haul includes high amount of direct mailing expenses

According to the expense reports turned in to the Government Accountability Board this week, the governor spent $5.2 million on direct mailing services this year, a political tool that typically includes telemarketing, email fundraising and campaign literature dispersal.

“The governor has a fairly significant national following,” said Charles Franklin, Marquette University Law School political scientist. “It seems he tapped into that with his direct mailings.”

The governor has been a frequent flyer recently. Walker spent about $116,000 on travel as he traveled to and raised money in California, New York, Texas, Arizona, Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida.

But his reports show the governor banked more on direct mailings than he did the power of his oratory. And according to the reports, Walker spent the lion’s share of his money — $4.2 million — with one company, SCM Associates, a Republican fundraising firm out of New Hampshire.

The kind of money that he is bring in is worthy of a presidential contender (2nd tier perhaps, but still a serious contender).

Think of the damage Scott Walker could do to America as president.

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