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Have you seen it yet? New ways to find out city legislative information . . .

In 2005 the City of Madison launched the Legislative Information Center, a web-based portal, enabling the public to access legislation, agenda and minutes online and the ability to do full-text search on topics of interest.

Today (last Friday?) the City launches an upgrade to the Legislative Information Center which will provide an improved user experience online:

• The user can share legislation, agendas, and minutes to social networks within each page of the legislative tracking system

• Better search functionality and the ability to export legislative searches to Excel, PDF or Word

• Enhanced views, such as a listing of individual council member sponsored legislation

• Ability to drag and reorder information to give the user greater control over the order and organization of table views

• Email Alerts to easily track issues: Create a User Account and receive email alerts to track legislation and when agendas and minutes have been posted

Website available at:

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