Absolutely Intended Consequences

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Robert Mentzer of the Wausau Daily Herald has a nice article on the consequences of the Voter ID bill that the Wisconsin Republicans passed. However, one of his editors seems to have added a very Walker-friendly title to the piece. See the bold/italics I added? Voter ID becomes law of unintended consequences: Local leader faces first election in 60 years without a right to vote I don’t think that the difficulties the woman in the story experiences are unintended.

While [Ruthelle] Frank spoke to a Daily Herald reporter at her home, her daughter Rochelle (also a Village Board member) and her son Randy chimed in occasionally with details. They were evidently outraged by the burden the new law has place on their mother. Each made the point that their mother is especially tenacious and, with help from the family, willing to fight this battle — something that’s likely not true of other senior citizens.

What about those Wisconsin residents, they asked, who don’t have Frank’s feisty constitution? What about those who don’t have family members to help them navigate the bureaucracies?

Frank herself agrees.

“I feel for other people out there” who don’t have IDs, she said. “I think they just won’t vote.”

The law was designed to work this way, the law is currently working as it was designed. Do you really think that these consequences weren’t foreseen by both the supporters and critics of the voter ID bill?

Toss in the fact that currently Wisconsin has a 0.0002 percent rate of fraud, and it’s easy to see that these burdens weren’t placed to combat actual fraud.

Also, there are other ways to ensure the integrity of the voter without placing burdens on people who should be eligible to voter (making better voter databases available to county clerks for one and general technological upgrades. I’ve heard that there is one County Clerk that uses Excel!) It’s quite clear to me that the voter ID bill is about power and about making it difficult for people to vote, especially people who are probable to vote Democratic.

But if we have a level-playing field in Wisconsin, apparently Wisconsin Republicans and Scott Walker are concerned that they might not win.

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