Dane Dems, AFSCME 171, PD, and over 100 individuals Sign on

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We just got done writing this letter at 4:00 on Tuesday, less than 48 hours later, we have major support from 20 organizations and over 100 individuals. Dane Dems, AFSCME 171, Progressive Dane and many others joined yesterday with Madison Urban Ministry, union workers, United for Funding and CRANES. Its moving so fast I haven’t had time to do some things I would normally do like facebook event, etc, that is coming! Meanwhile, if you want to add your name, just email me at brendakonkel AT gmail.com and I’ll add you. I honestly haven’t seen this kind of response to a local organizing effort in a very long time – people feel pretty strongly about this one. Also, note, this letter mentions more than a vehicle registration fee – it’s a package of ideas. Anyways, check out the list of supporters at the moment!

Madison Urban Ministry
United for Funding (Coalition of City and County Purchase of Service Agencies and their Allies)
Andy Heidt – President, Dane County Professionals AFSCME 1871
Kevin Gundlach, President, Dane County AFSCME Local 705
Shannon Maier, President, Dane County AFSCME Local 720
Joe Purcell, President AFSCME Local 2634
Capital Region Advocacy Network for Environmental Sustainability (CRANES) – A public policy voice for our partner organizations, and their many members, including: Earth/Art® Resources, Friends of Cherokee Marsh, Friends of Pheasant Branch Conservancy, League of Women Voters ~ Dane County, Madison Audubon Society, Sierra Club ~ Four Lakes Group, Western Dane Coalition for Smart Growth & Environment, West Waubesa Preservation Coalition

AFSCME local 171
Democratic Party of Dane County
Progressive Dane
Adult Mental Health Coalition
Epilepsy Foundation Southern Wisconsin
The Road Home
Housing Initiatives Inc.
Tenant Resource Center
Community Action Coalition for South Central Wisconsin, Inc.
Freedom, Inc.
Grassroots Leadership College
Rape Crisis Center
Operation Welcome Home
Take Back the Land – Madison
WYOU Community Television
East Isthmus Neighborhood Planning Council
Today Not Tomorrow

Fitchburg Ald. Steve Arnold
School Board Member Marj Passman, City of Madison
Alderperson Brian Solomon, City of Madison
Dorothy Krause, Fitchburg Common Council, District 1 (a minority majority district)
School Board Member Lucy Mathiak, City of Madison
School Board Member Beth Moss, City of Madison

Judy Wilcox (former County Board Supervisor)
Bill Keys (former Madison School Board President)
Buzz Davis, Veterans for Peace, Stoughton (former County Board Supervisor)
Brenda Konkel (former City of Madison Alderperson/Council President)
Brian Benford (former City of Madison Alderperson)

Rev. Ken Pennings
Laurel Bastian, Writers in Prisons Project
Rabbi Jonathon Biatch
Ben Manski, Wisconsin Wave
Tim Birkley, Vice President, AFSCME Local 60
John Leonard, Chair of Religious Studies, Edgewood College
Donna Asif, Madison Homelessness Initiative
TJ Mertz
Michael Basford
Heidi Wegleitner
Rita Meuer
Jan Sternbach
Carol Faynik, MA,LCSW
Dace A. Zeps, President, Worthington Park Neighborhood Association
Ledell Zellers
Rev. Amanda Stein
David Poklinkoski
Lydia Maurer
Bob Klebba
Deb Farrar-Simpson – School Social Worker
Jeff Simpson – Forward Lookout
Norm Littlejohn
Michael Engleson
Karin Schmidt
Heather DuBois Boureane, Sun Prairie Action Resource Coalition
Donna Vukelich-Selva
Chick Mitchell
Maggie Thomas
Leslie McAllister
Dean Loumos
Dr. Jay and Sabrina Gold
Rachel Krueger, UW Law School student
Andrea Mitchell
Marilyn Feil
Karen Tuerk, UW-Madison Employee
Thor Backus
Rick Richards
Trina Clement
Sean Bode
Mary Anglim
Helen Elise Kitchel
Megin McDonell
Leland Pan
Matt Calvert
Julie Whitaker
Alexandra Fayen, School Social Worker, Madison Metropolitan School District
John Wilson
Susan Pastor
Adam Chern and Rebecca Kemble
Sunshine Jones and Joann Kelley
Stacy Harbaugh, Stoughton resident
Hazel Symonette, GLC Board Member
Shannon Barry
Julianne Carbin
Sara Richards
Leila Pine
Steve Starkey, Executive Director, OutReach LGBT Community Center
Jan Saiz, Board Member/GLC
Marian Farrior
Rev Chris Long (Ordained UU Minister)
Z! Haukeness
Mark A. Wilson/Director Bethel Homeless Support Services
Victor Forberger
Mary Kay Reinemann
P.T Bjerke, Super Charge Food
Rev. Gene Ferrara, Center for Conscious Living
Sam Wegleitner
Peng Her
Jay Ekleberry
Clare Christoph
Marilyn Fisher
Mike Imbrogno, Executive Board Member AFSCME 171
Ted Quincey
Helen R. Klebesadel
Lynn Brady
Donna Fox
Susan Kidd Webster
Eldonna Hazen
Mona Cantor Wasow
Wendy Cooper
Mary Hoddy (Middleton)
Jude Edmonds
Anders Zanichkowsky
Tariq Saqqaf
M Adams
Ilse Hecht
Barb Olson
Charity Schmidt
Kimayana Johnson
Kyale Paramore
Kyana Johnson
Karen Johnson
King Johnson
Cristal Rice
Ali Brooks
Hal Menendez
Stacia Conneely
Will Williams
Caroline Hardin Lueneburg
Heather Renee Hanson
Robert M. Holloway
Kathleen Montgomery
Laura Chern
Trudy Barash
Trina Clemente
Luca Clemente
Jackie Woodruff
Mary Maronek
Asja Young, MD
Jessica Brooks Reed
Tim Sloan
George Hagenauer (Springdale Township)
Kristen Petroshius
Ryan Estrella
Ellen Bernards
Linda Keys
Joanne Brown
Michael Olneck
Kevin Magee

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