Save our Beer Rally Today!

Posted June 3rd, 2011 @ 7:07 AM by

In Madison @5pm on State Street…passing along some rally info:

Please forward widely and spread the word on facebook here

Attention all craft beer lovers:

Miller/Coors and other large beer companies have inserted language into the state budget bill that severely restricts the ability of small, local breweries to continue operating in Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin Positive Business Alliance (WPBA) is standing up to this latest assault on our way of life by organizing a rally to Save our Beer!

When: Friday, June 3rd

5pm- Meetup on the State Street side of the Capitol to hear from small brewery owners about how this will affect their business

5:30pm- We will be visiting downtown bars to ask them to put a bag over their Miller taps for the night in protest of this travesty

Wear red to show your Wisconsin pride and bring signs that support Wisconsin beer!

More Info:

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