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If you were wondering what candidates for Wisconsin State Supreme Court got public financing, here’s my notes:

The incubment conservative justice David Prosser:

From his Facebook page:

Tomorrow a minimum of 2000 nominating signatures are due, as well as 1000 small dollar contributors. The Prosser for Supreme Court Campaign expects to exceed all of the minimum reqirements, with a special “thanks” to our friends. Let the campaign begin!

The Challengers:

Challenger Marla Stephens‘ campaign manager told me in an e-mail:

We have decided to not pursue public financing for a number of different reasons.

From a campaign e-mail sent out by Melissa Mullilken on behalf of challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg:

Thanks to you, and to residents all around the state, we have qualified for public financing!

We met the very high bar of securing contributions from 1000 individuals. In fact, more than 1200 people contributed to our campaign in the month of December. This is the first time that public financing through The Impartial Justice Act has been in effect for Supreme Court races. Together, we’ve made history!

*Disclaimer, I was one of the over 1200 people who contributed to the Kloppenburg for Justice Committee.

No word yet on whether challenger Joel Winnig made public financing or not. His campaign seemed to think he was going to make it, but I don’t know if he raised enough or not.

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