Here We Go Again . . .

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I think we already did this . . . maybe even twice, or more, depending upon what you count . . . what should we do with the Houses in James Madison Park? Read it and weep.

Really, you gotta be kidding me!

Dear Neighbors,
When I came into office last spring, a number of you asked me to work on the future welfare of the properties the city owns on the 600 and 700 block of Gorham Street in James Madison Park. After a number of months of conversations and preliminary steps, today I held a tour of the properties for city staff across several agencies so that we can put together a comprehensive project plan for the houses.

From the conversations across city hall that I’ve had on the properties, the Mayor has agreed to move forward with assembling a surplus committee for the purposes of evaluating the future sale of the properties. Additionally, and most pressing, I’ll be sponsoring a capital budget amendment that the Mayor will co-sponsor so we may repair and improve the properties from their current state.

Attending the tour were the following individuals:
Dave Cieslewicz, Mayor
Kevin Briski, Director of Parks Department
Bill Barker, Parks Commission Chair
George Hank, Director of Building Inspection
Tom Adamowicz, Chief Building Inspector
Larry Studesville, CDBG Grant Administrator
Amy Scanlon, Historic Preservation Planner
Bill Fruhling, City Planner
Joe Stepnik, Real Estate Supervisor
Craig Wilson, Housing Specialist
Dan Rolfs, Community Development Project Manager

Also attending were:
Richard Linster, Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association President
David Wallner, Parks Commission member, TLNA board member, former Alder
Jim Roper, TLNA board member

Please contact me with any questions or comments you may have.


Ignoring the obvious error in the first line (she hasn’t been an alder for 4 months, but a year and 4 months), and the fact that she sent the email to the Tenney Lapham Neighborhood but not the JAMES MADISON PARK neighborhood . . . and moving on the more substantive issue . . .

I’ll let one of of the neighborhood leaders sum it up for me, so its not in my own words.

What’s with this? There has already been a surplus committee that recommended sale of the properties. What is this going to be? More delay? An attempt by the mayor to move the homes when the clear recommendation was to sell them and leave them where they are (with long-term lease of the land) to those who would maintain them (the city clearly is not doing so)? All the mayor needs to do is what was recommended by the original surplus committee.

This does not make sense.

Not much does in this city these days . . . I seem to have a constant headache . . .

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