Middleton Safety Round-Up

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Just a couple of quick things:

1. The Middleton Police Department has a Facebook page and a Twitter feed, if you want to keep up with the news there. Also, I think it’s really great whenever a government entity takes extra steps on outreach. We do live in a democracy after all…

2. The issues with Scatz (see here) might be ongoing. From the MIDDLETON PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE MINUTES (from July 8)*:

4) Discussion on licensed premises and expanded premises issues. Chief Keil reported that incidents at licensed premises were down from last year’s numbers. The Chief reported that the Department still has some concerns with some of the activities at SCATZ and that department staff is attempting to set up a meeting with the owner and manager to discuss those concerns.

Relatively minor as far as ‘crime’ issues go (although I’m sure that being next to it could be very annoying). On the other hand, I think that the nearby hotel deserves a tiny bit of the blame for not building their hotel with better sound-proofing. I’ve stayed at a hotel that was literally next door to a noisy club with no noise issues.

In any case, Scatz has done a good job in bringing interesting performers to Middleton (live music is a good thing I think), and I hope they can stay out of trouble.

(Oh and as you probably noted, the number of incidents at licensed premises being down is good news, but I’m mentioning it again because, hey, it’s good news, why not mention it again?).

*Sorry, no link. The quote came from a Middleton city e-mail.

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