Is Scott Milfred at the WSJ Stupid, Incompetent or Just So Arrogant He Doesn’t Think People will Realize the Truth?

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Or maybe he just thinks that the readers of the Wisconsin State Journal are dumb? Just when I think he can’t top himself, Scott Milfred and the Wisconsin State Journal prove, once again, that they just don’t care if what they print is the truth or not. Milfred’s latest, PD Distraction Isn’t Worth a Vote is just precious. I’ll let the co-chairs of PD tell you about how dead wrong that headline is. And here’s Lukas Diaz’s expansion on the letter to the editor.

For me, Milfred’s complete misunderstanding of how the City Council works is mind-blowing. Here’s a few of his laughable comments:

1. “233 items for consideration”. I don’t think he realizes that of the 233 items “up for consideration”, several of them are first being introduced and then referred to committees for action as well as several referrals. Several examples of how he gets this wrong will follow.

2. “Getting rid of a failed water utility director”. This item is first being introduced and will not be voted on at the meeting.

3. “Courtesy of the hard-left political party Progressive Dane, the Madison City Council will debate whether to urge Congress to begin impeachment investigations against President Bush and Vice President Cheney.” See above links about why this is so wrong. This was an initiative started and supported by the Green Party and the Democratic Party, Progressive Dane never even endorsed this resolution. (It was more of an oversight than a conscious decision.)

4. “Instead of pouring over a report on police overtime, instead of carefully considering the expansion of a city program to help more elderly people stay in their homes, a handful of PD council members want to pretend they are members of Congress.” Most of us read the routine report on police overtime weeks ago and the city program discussed is on the agenda for introduction and referral.

5. “Forget about careful consideration of zoning changes that would allow larger garages and sheds to go up on certain property without city approval (Item No. 20).” This was an idea that didn’t work and is being “placed on file” i.e. tossed in the garbage.

6. “And if the five PD supporters of the resolution soliloquy on Bush’s follies for about five minutes each, that’s another half hour wasted.” This is laughable. The biggest time wasters on these issues are the 7 or 8 alders who make a speech about how this isn’t City business. Thereby usually wasting more time than the item itself.

Nevermind the obvious that City Council members are perfectly capable of multi-tasking and dealing with more than one issue at a time. Nevermind that many of us Madisonians have friends or family members who served in the bogus war in Iraq and feel that this is an issue that affects us here in Madison. Nevermind the impact that the actions of the President have had on our state and local budgets while we spend billions of dollars in Iraq and Madison taxpayers are forced to fill in the gaps that the federal government isn’t funding. Yeah, that’s right, the war in Iraq and the President’s actions have nothing to do with Madison . . .

For me, my vote for impeachment will be dedicated to those who survived Hurricane Katrina, and even more so for those who did not.

p.s. Here’s what is really on the agenda for tonight.

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